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Point of Sale

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli has partnered with Heartland to bring in their new POS platform, Heartland Restaurant.

Heartland Restaurant is a cloud based system that includes the following built in services: Online Ordering, Loyalty Program, Scheduling App, Comprehensive Reporting and integration with Heartland Restaurant App that includes Geo-Fencing. 

Heartland Restaurant offers merchant processing through Heartland Merchant Processing, however, the operator is NOT required to use Heartland for merchant services. They are free to choose their processor with this pos system. 


In the Kitchen

At Heidi's, creating efficiency in the kitchen without compromising quality is key. 

Because we bake our breads from scratch daily, we want the perfect toast on a hot sandwich with a steaming hot center. The Bullet oven is the first oven we found that achieves it all.

The Bullet oven uses three cooking elements:radiant heat, high-speed air impingement, and side-launched microwave to cook food rapidly without compromising quality.


Consumer Marketing 

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli started as a small business in a small community in Denver.


Though we have grown nationally, we know first hand the importance of a marketing strategy that is tailored to your market, your specific market. 

Partnering with V Digital Services allows our operators to have access to technology and resources including Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Listing Management, Targeted Social Media Marketing using Geo Fencing and Targeted Press Release Features.





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