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The Teatulia Story : Who We Are

The Teatulia Story : Who We Are

Our garden-to-cup teas from Bangladesh not only taste good but also do good…for the land, for the people, and for the environment. Teatulia’s single-garden direct, sustainably grown teas hail from our very own tea garden in the Tetulia region of Northern Bangladesh. We created a new tea-growing region, nestled between Assam and Darjeeling at the base of the Himalayas, that has introduced the unique flavor profile of Bangladesh teas to the rest of the world. We have transformed the region from a wasteland to the lush organic tea garden it is today. Established in 2000, our organic tea garden is one of the largest in the world and has successfully regenerated the ecosystem and rejuvenated the economy of the entire map. FOR THE LAND Teatulia Tea GardenOur teas are responsibly sourced from our own USDA, SGS, JAS certified organic tea garden. As one of the largest organic tea gardens in the world, we’re not just sustainable—we’re regenerative. By using only natural farming methods, we’re improving the soil and rejuvenating the land for future generations. What started as barren, virgin land is now 3,000 acres (and growing!) of organic tea gardens and farmland. We cultivate our land without the use of synthetic chemicals or machinery, and we practice soil, water, and land conservation. After years of organic cultivation, we’re now seeing a diverse and thriving ecosystem teeming with a variety of once endangered plant and animal species. We’re Rainforest Alliance certified! Rainforest Alliance certification helps conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior with the goal of creating a world where people and the environment prosper together. FOR THE PEOPLE Literacy ProgramTeatulia’s organic tea garden was a social enterprise designed to create jobs in a remote and impoverished region of Bangladesh—we wanted to do something that would make a difference for the land and its people. All tea sales support Teatulia’s farming cooperative, which introduced a revolutionary new economic model to the region. Co-op members working in Teatulia’s garden and surrounding communities now benefit from innovative education, health, and cattle-lending programs that help families out of the cycle of poverty. The tea garden employs more than 600 workers and supports 1,700+ community members through its co-op. The co-op teaches organic farming, providing families with food and a way to strengthen their socio-economic condition by selling crops to local village markets and city supermarkets. The co-op’s education programs have improved literacy rates by 50% or more and graduated more than 370 of its members. More than 3,000 cows have been distributed to thousands of Bengali women as part of the co-op’s cattle-lending program. The co-op has distributed more than $500,000 in cattle loans. Dairy farming has increased employment by 450% and co-op members’ incomes by 300%. The lending program has also increased monthly milk production by 450% and cow dung for soil fertility by 828%. In 2014, Teatulia became the first Colorado tea company to become certified as a B Corporation FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Less Waste PackagingTeatulia’s revolutionary eco-canister doesn’t just look good…it does good. Every decision we make is one we hope will reduce our global footprint and inspire others to do the same. Our earth-friendly eco-canisters are designed with recyclable and compostable materials made from post consumer waste. Our tea bags are designed with less waste in mind, free of excess packaging like strings, tags, and staples. Our retail packaging alone saved more than 10,000 tons of waste from landfill last year! FOR THE TASTE And what about the tea? Delicious! From white and green teas to black and herbal teas, our entire product selection is handpicked from our own organic tea garden and other like-minded gardens around the world. Because it comes direct from our garden to your teacup, Teatulia is some of the freshest, best-tasting tea available. Sip for yourself and see. We have more than 25 flavors available as loose leaf tea or packaged in eco-friendly and convenient whole leaf pyramid tea bags or fine cut round tea bags. Look for our earth-friendly eco-canisters at major grocery retailers across the country, including Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and Safeway. Fine-dining restaurants like Linger Denver and fast casual chains like Tokyo Joes are brewing fresh Teatulia hot and iced teas as part of their healthy menu options.

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