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Growth with Purpose

"We believe a measured and thoughtful growth plan will ensure a solid foundation for the future of our brand. It's about the quality of the growth, not just the quantity." - Jenee Naples Massey, President & CEO

From C-Stores and Truck Stop Plazas to Airports and Skyscraper Lobbies, Heidi's Brooklyn Deli is serving guests  from coast to coast in the United States with warm hospitality and premium cuisine. 

We are not afraid of thinking outside the box and being collaborative. Our mentality has afforded us the unique opportunity to operate spaces of all shapes and sizes. 

Our growth strategy keeps our franchisees at the center of our focus so we may work side by side with them to serve our guests for many years to come. 

In order to achieve this, we are acutely aware of the importance of staying ahead of our growth and driving our growth from within our company. 

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